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FIXED:Issue: Legiana's front tail swipe hitbox is faster than the monster's model

Stampeder Posts: 540


  • Legiana's front tail swipe hits the player earlier before the monster's tail model reaches the player.
  • This causes difficulty in judgment on when to execute dodges, Iai Spirit Slash, counter-thrust, or other actions that depend on timing the monster's attack accurately with visual cues.
  • In the attached screenshots, Screenshot 1 shows the frame before the player was hit. The player was preparing to perform Iai Spirit Slash to counter Legiana's tail swipe attack.
  • Screenshot 2 is the immediate frame following Screenshot 1, and at this point the player's HP is reduced from 1 to 0, indicating that the player is hit considered hit by this frame. However, the actual tail of the Legiana is far away from the player.


  • Match the hitbox to the monster's 3D model so that the hit is registered only when the model touches the player.


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  • Stampeder
    Stampeder Posts: 540

    This is the Legiana frontal tail swipe attack that I was referring to. Can't upload video files, so had to convert to GIF.


    On a side note, using GIF increases the file size compared to typical formats like mp4, per second of footage. Please consider allowing the uploading of video files so that certain situations can be demonstrated visually.

    Case in point: The original video was only 11MB, but to convert to a GIF of the same quality and resolution would balloon the file size to as much as 8x.

  • DiegoDeMartin
    DiegoDeMartin Posts: 16

    Im the weeb user from the video.

    and yes, this is by very far the weirdest move to counter form Legiana… everything else is easier.

  • NianticModTP
    NianticModTP Posts: 153 admin

    Hi there @Stampeder! Thank you for sharing this with us. Our team is looking into it and we'll get back to you when we have an update.

  • NianticModTP
    NianticModTP Posts: 153 admin

    Hello again @Stampeder! We appreciate you sharing your findings with us. Our team is looking into this issue and it'll be resolved in a future update. Thank you!