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Paintballed monsters disappearing prematurely with hours left before timing out: random occurance

This has been happening for months now. Between my husband, his brother, and my account, we've had dozens of monsters simply disappear into thin air despite having hours left on their timer, sometimes over a day.

It doesn't happen with any specific monster, any specific amount of time left, any specific time of day, or day of the week. There seems to be no reasoning to it. Some monsters disappear and some time out properly.

I finally decided to post about it because I got tired of my paintballs and time being wasted, not to mention having rare monsters just up and leave. I've had Pink Rathians and other rare monsters vanish. I haven't heard anything about this being part of normal gameplay, and I'm confused why a timer would be used in the first place if it was normal. My list of paintballed monsters doesn't affect this issue either, as I can have five monsters left or one.

My husband and I play on our Samsung Note 20 Ultra/5G with Android 13. I'm not sure what his brother's phone is, but it's also Android. We have different carriers between us and his brother, but live in the same house. This issue is baffling. I don't know where else to post about it at this point. I just lost a 4 star Rathian that has just under 10 hours remaining that we went to kill right now.

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