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3/7 サーバーリリース情報 / Server Update Information Mar 7th

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  • マイセットが最大10まで登録できるようになりました。なお、マイセットのUIについて次回のアップデートにて改善を予定しています。
  • 大連続狩猟で送られる「一狩りいこうぜ!」の招待範囲が広がりました。一定の距離、大連続狩猟ポイントから離れていても「一狩りいこうぜ!」の招待からであれば大連続狩猟に参加することができます。なお大連続狩猟における「一狩りいこうぜ!」の招待は、大連続狩猟の1体目のロビーに入った際、自動的に近くにいるハンターに送られます。


  • オトモがマーキングする対象を変更しました。アプリ起動中、メイン画面でフィールド上に表示されている大型モンスターをオトモがマーキングしないように変更しました。※条件を満たした場合、フィールド上に表示されていないモンスターをオトモマーキングします。


  • 「いつでも冒険モード」が有効になっている
  • 一定の距離を歩く
  • 大型モンスターの狩猟中ではない



  • 位置情報が取得しづらい場合のプレイ制限の一部を緩和しました。


  • 大連続狩猟が開催される時間を再度変更します。2月23日開催分より毎時15分頃の開催のみとしましたが、3月9日開催分より毎時15分頃または毎時45分頃に開催します。本件についてたくさんのフィードバックをいただきありがとうございました。

Thank you for playing Monster Hunter Now!

This article contains the main release information for server release on 2024/3/7. Please note that not all updates are covered.

<Main features adjusted or changed>

  • Up to 10 Loadouts can now be registered. The UI of Loadout will be improved in the next update.
  • The recruitment range for "Join Hunt!" in Hunt-a-thons has been expanded. Even if you are a certain distance away from a Hunt-a-thon point, you can join the Hunt-a-thon through the recruitment of "Join Hunt!"

  "Join Hunt!" recruitments for Hunt-a-thons will be sent automatically to nearby hunters when entering the lobby for the first monster of the Hunt-a-thon.

  Note: After joining from a position away from the Hunt-a-thon point through "Join Hunt!", you can continue hunting as long as you keep hunting consecutively. However, if you return to the Main Screen, you will need to approach the corresponding Hunt-a-thon point to join again.

  • We've made changes to what Palico marks. While the app is running, your Palico will no longer mark the large monsters in the field on the Main Screen.

  Note: When the conditions are met, your Palico will mark monsters that are different from the ones appearing in the field. 

  Palico will mark one of the large monsters that are discovered in the Habitat based on the unlocked Star level when following conditions are met.

  • "Adventure Sync" is enabled.
  • Walk a certain distance.
  • Not in the middle of hunting a large monster

  With this change, large monsters that you were about to hunt will no longer be marked by the Palico, ensuring they remain available for hunting on the field.

  While the Palico may mark a monster of the same species as the ones currently spawned on the screen, monsters appearing within the access circle or on the Main Screen will not be marked and removed from view into the Paintball List.

  • Some of the gameplay restrictions have been relaxed in cases where obtaining location information is challenging.

<Future plans>

  • The timing for the Hunt-a-thon has been changed again. Starting from March 9t, Hunt-a-thons will start every hour around the 15 minute mark or every hour around the 45 minute mark, instead of exclusively at around every 15 minute mark as was the case since February 23rd. We appreciate the numerous feedback received on this matter.
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    Bonjour, encore une énième mise à jour sur le chasse à thon inutile. En fait, ce que vous ne comprenez pas ce c'est qu'il n'y a plus personne qui joue et donc si vous voulez faire un truc efficace, ce serait de pouvoir les faire en solo sans rendre les monstres plus fort ... Et pour le Palico, il ne sert vraiment à rien. Il faudrait pouvoir définir nous même des critères de recherche ... Merci

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    Did max zoom-out changed for battle view? I just got 2 hits from Barroth, because of uncomfortable zoom, and can't zoom out anymore.

    This also seems to somewhat impact dodge behavior

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    Is this HAT change good or bad?

    Now we have 1 HAT per each Biome cell starting X:15

    If X:45 an other start will this mean 2 (or more) HATs can spawn again per Biome Cell?

    Or is this a nerf and we see even less HATs now?!

    Please clarify Niantic

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    Please make HAT scaling to player group size

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    good update also can you give us the new information about major update too? so we can prepare materials for the next weapon.

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