Small Gathering Points not respawning

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Small gathering points respawns do not show on the map. An app restart is required, and after restarting the app the small gathering points appear immediately. No known network issues in between. Small monsters seem unaffected, they reappear occasionally as usual.

"Known Issues" forum has something similar happening after a network issue, however that one also says the small monsters do not appear.

Played for a few hours without restarting the app and got no small point respawns. I even thought small points just respawned at the same rate as large (once every few hours). Turns out I just needed to restart the app every so often.

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    Just an Fyi, they respawn every 15 minutes. I personally haven't noticed any issue, but not decounting from your experience.

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    Hello @draconitas! We were not able to reproduce the issue that you have come across. Could you please try reinstalling the app and let us know if you still face the same.

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    TL;DR: yes it still happens

    Prior to v59.2, none of the small gathering points would respawn visually without an app reset. Meaning if I walked around for 2h, all the areas I walked would remain clear of all small gathering points for the next however many minutes until I stopped and restarted the app.

    After updating to 59.2, I notice that if I don't move, the small points outside my player circle will respawn, but not those inside my circle. If they had respawned, I would have expected my task counter (Gather X times at gathering point) to increase but it didn't, so it's not a case of my Palico gathering the points before I can see them with my own eyes. As before, once I restart the app, the spawns that should be within my circle appear as expected.

    I did as suggested and reinstalled the app (after having been on v59.2 for a few hours), but it seems to still be an issue. The spawns that should appear within my circle do not show up unless the app is reset.

    My partner also experiences this issue. It's happened both on WiFi and off of wifi. Game is running on an Oppo Reno 7 Pro and a Samsung S23 Ultra, Low graphics, 60fps OFF, battery saver on for one and off for the other.

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    Sorry for the troubles @draconitas.

    We were able to reproduce the issue you were facing and the team is now looking into it. We apologize for making you state the same issue again.