Increased stuttering and poorer framerate after v59.2

Goldtistic Posts: 24

There was a silent update (no patch notes) that changed the build number and we're at 59.2 now from 59.1. After this update I have noticed that my framerate average is slightly lower (from 37~42) to 33~38) on 60fps settings, and even when I lock into 30fps I notice severe dips at seemingly random times that take my FPS down to 20 for a moment.

I'm on a Pixel 7, although I've seen people complain on far stronger phones that they have to play on Low just to avoid/reduce any stutter.

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  • juleszz
    juleszz Posts: 4

    I'm using S22 and noticed this too. It was smooth before the update. Quite frustrating to play now.

  • tomeofnightsky
    tomeofnightsky Posts: 16

    I noticed this too and I'm running a Snapdragon Gen 1 device. The stuttering is horrible and makes long sword's iai spirit slash hard to execute. Didn't have issues prior to the recent v59.2 update.

  • Maz7894
    Maz7894 Posts: 30

    I play on low w/30fps just to save battery.. but not sure if I'd want the detail higher it'd probably drain the battery 10x more..

    pixel 6.

  • OolongTea491
    OolongTea491 Posts: 10

    I'm using oneplus 10 pro. The lag is really bad..

  • elrathias
    elrathias Posts: 23

    Same issue, cant keep up w graphics even set to low. Snapdragon 888 Xiaomi mi11t pro running in performance mode.

    Not to mention the constant 6-4 errors

  • Niantic Support 3
    Niantic Support 3 Posts: 28 admin

    Hello @Goldtistic! You might be able to see the changes in material requirements due to the recent update. We deeply regret any confusion this may have caused. We would like to rectify this by providing you with the details of the changes that were implemented starting from 30th August 2023. For more insight into the changes implemented during this update, kindly refer to the following link:

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  • Jcologyy
    Jcologyy Posts: 7

    Same here, using Poco F5 for this one.

  • Trevva
    Trevva Posts: 2

    Using S22 Ultra, on high settings and 60fps. The stuttering seems to be getting worse by the day, and it seems to affect only the large monsters, not the small ones that pop up around.

  • NianticAN
    NianticAN Posts: 849 admin

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for reporting this and we are sorry for the inconveniences.

    This thread has been moved to the Submit Bug report category to be more visible to other users who might be facing the same situation.

    We hope to update on the improvement here soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Powerghost
    Powerghost Posts: 58

    I also experience a lot of lag/slowdown throughout the entire fight against big monsters, especially in the first few seconds and after a big monster dies.

    I originally thought it's because my internet connection is pretty bad, but after seeing this, it looks like a general problem. And my settings are already at low graphics, no vibration and controlling the camera through moving the phone is off too.

    Can't get past 2* Great Jaggras because of it since the timer goes down normal, but everything else is slower.

    I would really appreciate it if updates in the near future improve performance.

  • NianticAN
    NianticAN Posts: 849 admin

    HI @Powerghost

    Thank you for taking your time to contact us and we are sorry for your experience.

    Would you mind sharing your device information so that we can further investigate? Here is a supported device info for your reference. Thank you for your help.

  • asabu
    asabu Posts: 3

    I also experience a lot of lag/slowdown throughout the entire fight against big monsters, especially in the first few seconds and after a big monster dies.

    I have exactly the same problem.

    I know that my phone, a Huawei Mate 20 Lite, isn't exactly cut out for gaming: its CPU, the Hisilicon Kirin 710, painfully reaches the minimum configuration required.

    But on low settings, from version 59.0 to 60.2, the game was perfectly playable. Since version 60.3, I've been experiencing the problems mentioned above, which prevent me from enjoying, not to say playing, the game.

    Battles are extremely slow, and animations seem to be two or three times longer than the original ones. But the timer runs normally. Where before, given my level and equipment, I could beat 5★ monsters without too much trouble... Now I can't. I can only kill 1-4★ monsters (and no longer drop what I need to progress).

    What's worse is that I've taken out a Release Celebration Pass, which I can't take full advantage of as my Palico marks monsters which, under the current degraded conditions, I'll never have enough time to kill.

    I've tried everything to solve this problem: freeing up storage space, clearing the cache, restarting the laptop, launching only this application... But nothing works.

  • Fenrir004
    Fenrir004 Posts: 1

    Performance is becoming worse with build 61. I was playing smoothly last week on high settings with 60 fps enabled. Now I can't play on low and 60 fps disabled without getting horrible lag everytime a monster attacks.

    I'm playing on a Moto Edge Plus (2020) Snapdragon 865.

  • Thanks for posting this!

    I've been having the same FPS drop / stuttering since v.60 (global release) and still having it in the current version 61. Surely makes hunting unbearable most of the times with lack of timing for counters and dodges due to huge lag spikes!

    Running MHNOW on a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Snapdragon 855 / 6GB RAM) just for the record.


  • Powerghost
    Powerghost Posts: 58

    I didn't realize Niantic answered me here until now lol. I can now use a stronger phone (Samsung Galaxy A70) from a family member for MH Now and i didn't have any performance issues with 30fps + medium graphics. But since the latest update a few days ago, i can't even play at 30fps low graphics without performance issues.

  • Rathciel
    Rathciel Posts: 4

    I just bought a new phone to play this game just to find out my 60 fps while hunting is not working, tried turning on and of the 60 fps also reinstall the game, not working. My device is Xiaomi 13t. Please fix this niantic