Run into problems when trying to play with my friend

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Me and my friend have yet to fight that monster and we wanted to play together. But I keep running into major problems:

1. "Nearby hunters: 0" even though I am right next to my friend in person

2. "Join a hunt" doesn't prompt even though one of us is hosting group hunt, right next to each other

3. Randoms entering the group hunt. I have to repeatedly rehost just to play with my friend.

All of these problems can be solved with a friend and invitation system.

Is it possible to make a friend and invitation system so I can play with my friend without much trouble?

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  • Hello Hunter,

    Could you please help me with the below details which will help us to investigate further:

    ・Device model

    ・Are your friends also encountering the same error?

    ・Are you able to receive hunt invites from your friends?

    ・Were you on the move? (low speed, high speed, etc.)?

    ・Were you in a place where location data cannot be retrieved?

  • KopiUncle
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    I like to add to this as well. I hunt with family members and I encounter this problem strangely in mornings. There is a twist as well, while we can't see each other, we could join a hunt hosted by a 3rd party. In those cases, we see 1 hunter nearby (when it should at least be 2).

    ・Device model: Samsung S9+ and Z Fold 4

    ・Are your friends also encountering the same error? Yes, we can't see each other (nearby hunters: 0) even though we are on the same WiFi. This seen to happen in mornings about 6-7am Japan time.

    ・Are you able to receive hunt invites from your friends? The new QR code scans work when we can't see each other's publicly hosted hunt. As mentioned above, if a 3rd party appears, we would see 1 hunter nearby (when it should at least be 2). While my family cannot see each other's hosted hunt, we could join the same hosted hunt by a 3rd party.

    ・Were you on the move? (low speed, high speed, etc.)? This seems to happen alot more when we are at home on the same WiFi around 6-7am Japan time.

    ・Were you in a place where location data cannot be retrieved? Other location-based apps such as Google map can place us fine.

  • How9935
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    Devicev ROG Phone II and Samsung S14

    And I don't think this is device problem

    We were outdoors with clear signal but GPS, (with high precision on), can still be unstable at times which is outside of our control

    Now that we have a friend list, can we have an invite and some rewards for playing with each other? This would make playing together more fun and less troublesome.

    QR code is a stable addition. If we can use it without paintball, it will be very convenient

  • KopiUncle
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    I like to bump this up. This is still happening to me even with the new party mechanics and it has been strangely repeating only in the morning ~ before Singapore 8am, Japan 9am.

    I'm not sure why this only happens as this time but it is repeatable and it has been affecting my hunts with family members over breakfast.

  • KopiUncle
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    Like to bump this again with more info from this morning.

    This has consistently happened to my family and consistently before 9am Japan time. We are unable to see hunts hosted by each other over breakfast. We see the same monsters on the map but not each other's hunt.

    When the clock passes 9am, the monsters reload, we will be able to share hunts again.

    Hope this info provide insights for the team. I'm more sure why, we do not have this problem at other hours... only morning before 9am Japan time.

  • NianticAN
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    Hello @KopiUncle

    Thank you for providing additional information. We are currently investigating this issue, but we have not been able to reproduce it yet. Any additional details is greatly appreciated.

    To clarify: Did this occur for you around 6 AM JST and 9 AM JST, and were you not in a party with your family at both times?

    Thank you for your help and patience.

  • KopiUncle
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    I've not tried to test this earlier than 8am JST. The problem occur repeatedly every morning around my breakfast time which is ~8am JST.

    The problem goes away for the rest of the day after 9am JST when the monsters reload.

    I've tried both public hosting and starting group hunts in a party before 9am JST.

    For the public hosting scenario, I would see zero hunters nearby.

    For group hunt in a party, I would not be able to invite party to the hunt as I also see zero hunters in my party.

    For both scenarios, we're all near each other at the same breakfast table.

    As mentioned in another post I created, we found a workaround this morning. This is the sequence of events that allow us to hunt together when this problem happens:

    1. I go to the Monster's hunter recruitment screen. I will see zero hunters nearby.

    2. My bro starts a fight with the same monster solo and quickly exit without killing it.

    3. After he does that, I would suddenly see one hunter nearby and could start a public hosted hunt.

    4. My brother would be able to join the hunt after that.

    Hope this sequence of events also help your team figure out what's the root cause. Hopefully this is not a common bug, because when official release rolls by, I'm sure there will be more ppl trying to hunt over breakfast together.


  • NianticAN
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    Thank you very much for sharing your insights.

    The team is working on the fix now.

    Thank you for being an integral part of this community.

  • KopiUncle
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    Thanks. I like MH and I want this game to succeed. Worried that some of these small issues (not able to hunt together over breakfast) may rub off wrongly on new hunters. And if we can find a fix, that'll help me as well. For now, I'm glad I found a workaround

  • KopiUncle
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    Providing a quick update. I no longer have this issue the past 2 mornings. Hopefully this was a fix from the dev team :) cheers!

    Hooray for breakfast hunts!

  • NianticAN
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    @KopiUncle Thank you so much for coming back here to share the update!

    Let me share the news with the dev members who worked on this.

    Happy hunting!

  • Pheira
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    Hello. I am also experiencing this issue with my husband. Try to invite with a party that we made together and we never receive the invite. The timer always times out. Only way we hunt together is if we have a paintball marked monster. I now have zero paintballs left and I am unable to hunt with my partner.

    iphone 14pro/husbands iphone13

    same wifi network

    not moving. We are stationary in the same home

    thank you