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Bug:Same monster shows up as different stars but rewards are based on group hunt initiator's monster



  1. Hunter A is at Playthrough 3 (unlocked 7-star monsters).
  2. Hunter B is at Playthrough 2 (unlocked 6-star monsters).
  3. Hunters A and B see the same monster at a location, but it's 7-star for Hunter A and 6-star for Hunter B.
  4. Hunter A initiates a Group Hunt for the 7-star monster.
  5. Hunter B joins Hunter A's Group Hunt (the list of hunts available shows the monster as 6-star, and there's only one group hunt at that time, which is Hunter A's).
  6. Hunter B observes that the monster in the Group Hunt Preparation screen is listed as 6-star, not 7-star.
  7. Group Hunt begins, and proceeds to hunt the monster successfully.
  8. Hunter A's Hunt Report shows that the monster is a 7-star monster. Reward is the expected 110z and 110 HRP.
  9. Hunter B's Hunt Report shows that the monster is a 6-star monster. Reward, however, is also 110z and 110 HRP (6-star monsters are 100 each).


  1. Is the Monster Strength shown for Hunter B incorrect, and therefore is a bug?
    1. If it's a bug, does it affect the material drop rate for Hunter B?
  2. If the Monster Strength shown for Hunter B is correct, then does that mean
    1. the Zenny and HRP rewards are incorrect? Or this will follow Group Hunt Initiator's monsters?
    2. the Material Drop table is based on Hunter B's monster strength information and not the Group Hunt Initiator's monster strength information? In this case, the materials dropped will be based on 7-star monster's reward table or 6-star monster's reward table?

1a has a serious implication because I am gathering data about drop rates. It would be a big problem if players are registering material drops to wrong monster strength because of this bug, and I do not know which data is based on this wrong information, because players also do not know the monster's actual strength and reward table without information from the group hunt's initiator.

Please advise ASAP. 🙏🏻


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Best Answer

  • NianticModTP
    NianticModTP Posts: 153 admin
    Answer ✓

    Hi @Stampeder! Although Hunter B is seeing a 6-star Monster, in reality, it is the 7-star monster (Hunter A’s monster). After completing the hunt, Hunter B will also receive 7-star rewards.

    Looks like you're experiencing this due to a visual error. Our team is looking into this.

    Hope this helps!


  • Stampeder
    Stampeder Posts: 540 ✭

    Thank you for the quick response! 🙏🏻

    Hope the visual error can be fixed quickly :)

  • Stampeder
    Stampeder Posts: 540 ✭
    edited September 2023

    Hi @Niantic Support 11, just to add on, it's not consistent.

    In another instance, I started a group hunt for a 6-star Anjanath while my friend sees a 5-star on the map. The issue occurs, reporting the Anjanath as 5-star in my friend's group hunt and hunt report.

    But in another group hunt for a 6-star Pukei-Pukei which I initiated, my friend sees a 5-star Pukei-Pukei on his side in the map, but in the Hunt Preparation screen and in the Hunt Report the Pukei-Pukei was correctly reported as 6-star in all areas of the Group Hunt.

    I can't pinpoint an exact factor to reproduce this issue, but I hope these information helps.

    Might want to consider expediting the fix for this visual error as people may underestimate the strength of a monster and bring low-level equipment to a fight they thought would be easy and can test out new builds. Imagine someone switching to a newly crafted, low-level weapon for a 4-star Rathian when it in fact is actually a 7-star or even an 8-star Rathian. This will only hurt the hunting group as a whole and frustrate the players.

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  • xxiillii
    xxiillii Posts: 1 ✭

    The monster that I am hunting together with my others friend appears different starts/ level..

  • Dythan
    Dythan Posts: 12 ✭

    I bring my 3 permanent HR6 nephews along to to farm high rank monsters, no issues on the droprates, they can heal infinitely

  • Shawnzy9508
    Shawnzy9508 Posts: 45 ✭

    I joined a 4* hunt, and once the hunt started, it showed 7*(2 purple star).

    When the hunt ended, the rewards seem to be for 4*.

    Seems like in the backend, it's supposed to be 4*(and rightly so) but what's displayed on client side is wrong.

  • NianticModTP
    NianticModTP Posts: 153 admin
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    Hi @Shawnzy9508! Although you're seeing a 7-star Monster, in reality, it is a 4-star monster as you've guessed.

    Our team is looking into this visual error.

  • NianticAN
    NianticAN Posts: 951 admin

    Hi @xxiillii

    We went ahead and merged your report with the relevant thread for better visibility for other users and for us. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for your patience.

    Thank you @1Kurato1 for your help.

  • NianticAN
    NianticAN Posts: 951 admin

    Thank you all for reporting this issue. It is being fixed.

    In the meantime, we added this issue to the Known Issues List. Thank you for your help in identifying the issue and for your patience.

    <Group Hunt>

    Issue Title: Discrepancy in monster’s ★(star) amount when joining Group Hunts in response to “Join hunt!” invitations.

    Issue Description: When joining a Group Hunt in response to the “Join hunt!” invitation, the monster’s ★(star) level displayed in the Hunt Preparation Menu, the Hunting Screen, and the Hunt Report may differ from the ★(star) amount shown in the Hunt Invitations List during Group Hunt Recruitment. Please note that this is a display issue only; the actual strength of the monster and the rewards correspond to the ★(star) level of the recruited monster.

    Status: Investigating.

  • Stampeder
    Stampeder Posts: 540 ✭

    Hi NianticAN!

    Thanks for the work on this! 🙏🏻

    Of note, even the star-level shown in the Hunt Invitations List during Group Hunt Recruitment is also showing Hunter B's perspective (6* in my case), as opposed to what Hunter A sees and initiated the group hunt for (which is a 7*). So, from Hunter B's perspective, the only way to tell which star-level the monster Hunter B is hunting is by: 1) fainting from getting one-hit by the "6-star" monster despite having sufficient defense for actual 6-star monsters, and 2) seeing the zenny, HRP, and material drop rewards that correspond to the actual star-level (but no difference in this case because 6-star and 7-star monsters drop the same type of materials).