Bug: Party window may disappear and cause user to get stuck in Hunter Menu and can only restart app

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  1. Go to Hunter Menu.
  2. Tap on "Party" button.
  3. Create a Party and invite at least another player to join your party.
  4. After a Party has been formed, leave the party through the same menu.
  5. Observe that sometimes the Party menu would disappear after you leave the party instead of returning to the Create/Join Party screen, and this leaves you in a Hunter Menu without the Close button and all the buttons in the Hunter Menu are unresponsive to taps, forcing user to restart the app in order to continue with the game.


  1. The Party Menu should open and close correctly without causing a loss of game functionality to the user.


  • This issue does not occur all the time. So far it has only happened once, but the issue with Party Menu closing on its own after tapping to open it has happened a few times, be it when entering the Party Menu from Hunter Menu or from the Field Map. Network is stable (on WiFi and being stationary), so I doubt it's due to unstable network.
  • First observed in v60.2-230906-1416.
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