RESOLVED: Hunt may fail before time is up

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Issue Title: Hunt may fail before time is up 

Issue Description: When communication at the start of a hunt is unstable, the hunt may fail before the number of remaining seconds reaches 0.

Status: Fixed on Oct 26th Server update.

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    SUGUSIBM Posts: 1

    Bug report, urgent quest failed before timer ends. (At least displayed time) The encounter started late, and hold at the beginning screen face to face with the monster but cannot move or attack with no HUI. Two times. Wasted potions for both quest which I should have completed it. Looking for compensation or solution. Timer has about 10 seconds left.

  • skynosaur
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    I would just rejoin the game. I get network issues also. I just leave and rejoin and problem fixes itself.

  • BlueLance
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    I've also had the same, almost every fight now I am sitting staring at the monster for 5-10 seconds.

    Even used a potion thinking I had 15 seconds left for it to then come up saying failed immediately after which is a bit of a bummer.

  • U0tbd
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    I've met the same too. At that time, I'm using paintball so there's no way to restart the hunt. Even though I knew something may be wrong when I standing there for about 10 secs. After the hunt started, I thought everything is ok. The game didn't kick me out and the timer looked just fine. Then the hunt failed before time is up.

    I can understand the shorter hunting time is because of the poor network and this is a complicated problem. But maybe you can fix the timer first?

  • Fought a 6* paolumu 5 times before I succeeded. Kept "failing" with 15 seconds left. A change in armor allowed me to slay before the 15 second mark, but dang is it frustrating. Burned up my first aid meds being stubborn

  • Di3g04531
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    After pressing ready character run up to monster. Than both going into a starring contest with idle animation.

    After 15 - 20 seconds that game continues normally. However the timer is wrong than.

  • MickDaniel
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    I was having the same issues and still am. I try to play with my son, my wife or my mother and when we try paintball monsters or to hunt with nearby hunters, we most often will lag or have connectivity issues or either one or multiple hunters get completely booted from the match, which is not beneficial as sometimes the ones left to finish the monster cannot even handle it. Which is the whole point in teaming up against the monster... not to mention the resources wasted in the whole process. It is not easy to feel good about this when it happens so regularly. My family is losing interest. I am holding onto hope that we can at least fix this one issue so when we play the game in the only way currently possible (locally), we can have fun and good success with no interruptions... or if interruption cannot be avoided, to be reimbursed the items used during these fights.

    I am glad to know that the devs are so willing to hear out the community and not just that but act on these known issues. There are many more I could name but I will stick to the topic in this forum.