Can't add friends

Every time I try to add someone through their friend code it keeps giving me error [6-4]

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  • Meep1603
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    edited September 2023

    I added code without spaces, I still have same problem like Galannai, error [6-4]. I even tried other people’s code, with same results.

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  • NianticModTP
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    @Meep1603, we'll help you with this!

    However, adding/sharing friend codes is against our Forum Guidelines. I've removed the same from your recent message.

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  • banewyrm
    banewyrm Posts: 1

    Can a future update just update how the friend code is displayed/copied from 3 sets of 4 digits to simply 12 digits instead? It's clearly a common hiccup when adding friends via copy/paste that the output and input formats don't align.

  • Celldra
    Celldra Posts: 8

    Hi hunters !

    Am i the only one having troubles while adding friends ? I get this message all the time.

    it says something happened, try again ?

    if you press ok, this window keeps poping up till you cancel…

    am i doing anything bad ? 🤔

    wish you all a great hunt 🫶

  • NianticModTP
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    We're looking into this issue, @Celldra. Our team will have this resolved in a future update.

  • NianticModTP
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    @Galannai, our team will resolve this error in a future update. Thanks everyone for reporting this!