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Release Information (V61) 23/9/20 JST update

Thank you for playing Monster Hunter Now!

This article contains the main release information for v61 released on 2023/9/20 JST. Please note that not all updates are covered.

Last Update: 2023/9/20

<Main features adjusted or changed>

Main Menu

  • When you have 0 Potions, you can now purchase 5 of them at once under "Items" on the Main Menu or in the Hunt Preparation Screen.
  • Messages for the speed restriction will no longer be displayed outside of the Main Screen.


  • The UI has been updated. "Special" tab includes Daily Quests and Quests for upcoming events.


  • The icon for First Aid Med has been updated.


  • Pre-registration rewards are now available for claim. (Requires updating the app to the latest version)

<Fixed Issues>

  • Issue Title: In some cases, hunters may receive multiple instances of damage from certain attacks by Paolumu and Legiana. 
  • Issue: Palico marks Monsters during a hunt on the field 
  • Issue Title: When returning to the Main Menu after marking a monster with a Paintball, the monster may remain visible.
  • Issue Title: Error displayed when trying to claim Gems from Release Celebration Pass.
  • Issue Title: Some Android devices become unresponsive when pressing the "X" button and the device's back button simultaneously on the Hunter Menu
  • Issue Title: Back key may not function or may cause the app to go back to the device’s home screen on specific screens 
  • Issue Title: Some of Tobi-Kadachi's hitboxes are inactive during its Tail Slam attack.
  • Issue: Delay in the display of the friend invitation code upon reaching Hunter Rank 6.
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    I already update my app where i can clIM IT?

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    Sería bueno encontrarnos en esta entrega Mobile al Tigrex no puede faltar, Nargacuga, Nersicilla, bueno no sé lo que se viene pero me encantaría que cada mes agregaran nuevos monstruos, un modelo de franquicia anteriores acompañado de otros monstruos exclusivos de este juego, mapas como en la nieve, lagos, y las nuevas armas como la de incecto, bueno el juego avanza muy bien y yo no soy quien para decir como trabajar, pero me parece buena idea que este juego agregaran más áreas aparte del pantano, bosque y Desierto me gustaría explorar cuevas también.

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    After the latest update, the game has been misbehaving on my phone... the map outside is all black, but i can still see the monster icon when i zoomed out. And it is still black if i try to fight the monster like I'm fighting in the dark. Final problem is that the game crashed whenever i try to change the graphics setting. What to do?

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