Losing Monster when connection issues occur

So I was fighting a marked monster that I used with a paintball. During the middle of the fight, poor connectivity issues happened, and ended the hunt. The stupid thing is that the monster disappears from the marked list, so I wasted a marked paintball. Please make it that you don't lose a paintball if connection issues occur.

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  • Hello @truecloud6, if you have an unstable network it may cause the hunt to end unintentionally. Because if you lose a Paintball Marked Monster it cannot be hunted again, please try your best to hunt Marked Monsters around a stable internet connection.

    We have also forwarded your suggestion regarding Paintballs to our team to look further into any required improvements.

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    Yeah,loosing paintball when ur network is poor.then ur paintball is gone and the monster,they can back the paintball and the monster ,if the problem is this?