Attempting to dodge brings up the "escape from hunt?" dialog and stops movement input

Quite often while dodging left or right, It will bring up the escape from Hunt window, this disables all player input and results in losing a hunt and supplies. I know the game is registering that as me "sideswiping" and trying to make the game "go back" to the previous screen, but this happens more often than it should and has resulted in a ton of potions and paintballs being wasted because of how this can instantly ruin a hunt. I love the game and overall don't even have a problem with the monetization... But if there is going to be monetization, we shouldn't lose what we paid for because the game can't tell what my inputs actually mean. I was motivated to finally post this after failing a Legianna hunt with 10 seconds left after having to use 2 pointions and seeing that all go down the drain because the game wanted to ask me if I want to escape from the hunt again.

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