Hunter dodges without swiping? (Greatsword)

I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature, but I have found that when I roll sideways, then quickly tap to use the GS sweeping attack, if I am (in that moment) too far from the monster to make contact, my hunter will roll toward the monster instead of initiating the expected attack. The same thing seems to happen when I have Lock on enabled and I am out of range (in this case, I can’t tell if a previous roll is necessary). It is frustrating to sidestep an anticipated attack, only to roll back into the monster on the next tap. If this is a feature, please consider removing it - from what I’ve seen, players tend to prefer more control.

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  • Lacraze43
    Lacraze43 Posts: 2

    I’ve now noticed this happening even when I am in range of a monster. It’s always after a roll (I usually roll left).

  • I have also noticed this, and it happens more frequently when lock on is enabled. I do prefer more control, but closing in on a monster while using melee weapons helps put you back in range for the next attack. Not completely frustrating in my opinion, but I do wish we could parry or not lose health from well timed tackles.