Stun not working/activating too slowly/not stunning for a decent time

Hammer main my stuns either dont work work after the monster finishes attacking or stun them for 1 second not allowing me to follow up with anything

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  • Hi, @Thafardbag. Can you write to us with more information like if this issue is occurring with any particular Monster or any specific Monster Level? Also, can you tell us how often are you experiencing this issue?

  • Zilch9963
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    I was interested in making a post on this issue as well....

    It's EVERY monster...

    I will add video clips as should the poster showing what's going on...

    In traditional MH games... a knockout will make the monster fall even IF it's in mid attack animation... which gives you the upper hand and is why hammer users love the hammer.

    In MHN ... you can see the Knock out build up from attacking and typically around the 3rd or 4th time you hear the bell sound (from a successful k.o hit ) and you more importantly see the ICON OF STUN above the monsters head ... well once I see that I get hyper aggressive to try and get the knockdown mid attack animation... except it doesnt...

    Instead the monster finishes its ATTACK ANIMATION THEN the status triggers... it doesn't matter what monster it is...

    Same happens with paralysis as well.

    This is my build.... and I WILL add videos to this topic to help address this... it's very very frustrating as a player who prefers hammers.

  • Zilch9963
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    I will add more... this typically happens when the monster is 5* and above more often then not because there's enough hp available to me to trigger these ailments. It happened early game for me too when I struggle with 4* and below.

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    This is an mp4. It won't post I need to get ahold of an app to adjust the file format. Delete this message when you see it niatic. Idk why it did this. Maybe due to it being a short clip 🤔 😕 😅