Bug? Bow Charge Lv.2 not retained when performing a normal evasion


  1. Equip any bow.
  2. Enter any hunt.
  3. Tap and hold to charge to Charge Lv.2, then immediately swipe in any direction to perform an evade.
  4. Observe that the charge is reset immediately without continuing to charge to Charge Lv.3.


  • Previously, it was possible to keep charging once user has reached Charge Lv.2. Now it's impossible. It's expected to be able to continue charging from Charge Lv.2 onwards while evading.


  • This only started to occur around the end of September or beginning of October, before the most recent application update.
  • This is most recently reproducible in v62-231002-0835.
  • I have Focus Lv.5 active. I believe this is likely due to the increased swipe recognition period in which the game would register my action as a swipe instead of charge-then-swipe, which leads to the unintended effect of evading without continuing the charge. With shorter charging time due to the Focus skill, this makes it difficult to hold a Bow charge while evading at the same time when an evasion is performed during this "swipe recognition period". This has led to somewhat unreliable combat experience where my character isn't holding the charge when I expected it to, and end up reducing my overall performance as I now must risk standing still longer or evade and lose my charge and damage build-up because of this lengthy "swipe recognition window". It will be great if this can be optimised so that it doesn't interfere with the operation of the bow negatively.
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