The game's always had moments of lag, but they're getting worse now, rendering the game unplayable. The framerate drops during hunts and I can't even use charged moves during this time. All while the timer is running just fine, so I keep running out the clock.

I've tried turning the wi-fi off (and back on again), turning the game off and on again, clearing my phone's memory, and optimizing my phone's performance. Each of these methods only works for about five seconds before the game starts lagging again. My connection is always at 4 or 5 bars, so I know that's not the issue.

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  • Hi, @KitKatBlackCat. Can you help us with some information such as your device model/details, and OS version, along with confirming if you are on the latest app version downloaded from the official App Store or Google Play Store?

    Also, have you tried using the "Download All Assets" feature from the in-app Settings, toggling the Graphics to "Low" and disabling the option "60 fps While Hunting" to see if you're able to experience better gameplay?

  • Samsung Galaxy A70, version 11. Just updated the game through the app store, but there aren't any large monsters around for me to hunt, so I can't check if that helped right now.

    I downloaded all assets right before the lag got really bad, checked to make sure there wasn't anything new, and that didn't work. Low graphics and disabled 60 fps While Hunting are my defaults, and turning those on certainly didn't help.

  • KitKatBlackCat
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    Finally got a large monster to hunt to check game performance. This time I was able to get one minute of proper gameplay before it started lagging. Better than the five seconds I was getting before, but still not helpful.

    Edit: And now it's back to being just as bad as before. It's like the second I start trying to fight a 4 star monster specifically, the game goes kaput.

  • It was fine for a while, then it slowed down again. Now it's even lagging during small monster hunts.

  • Update: The issue seems to be at its worst when hunting paintballed monsters.

  • SCCSakura
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    Solo hunts are lost because connection lag on server, the player cant send inputs, monster still looking at nowhere and timing is ticking, 4-5 seconds the play resume and the game runs nice until another lag and the 75 timers is over because 30-40 seconds is useless on lag.

    Ok, the game is online and hunts with friends need to share the same information but this don't work on solo hunts, especially because server error communication, why the needed server info who makes the solo fights need to be 100% online? The game is heavy on most cellphones, why make it more heavy? a simple input to start and a later to finish fight isn't enough? If the player turn the game off to "recover" damage you can just punish him by leting life to 1 if the end hunt dont was called...

    Ps: Remove speed restriction

  • WakaWaka3919
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    Solo mostly and nowadays I can barely finish a 5 star. Evading or using specials take numerous swipes hoping that it gets activated.

  • Update: The lag also gets worse upon taking a hit.

  • Update: The lag also causes the monster to lose track of me and start randomly attacking in the opposite direction, running away from me and making the issue even worse.

  • Update: Game just updated, all assets downloaded, and the lag has gotten worse again.

  • The lag is real bullshit and real. It’s wasting my potions. There is literally 0.5-1 second difference (at least) between me tapping the screen and the actual reaction playing out. That includes attacking and dodging. I used to be able to dodge perfectly and seldom got hit. Now I basically get hit for no reason each time because of the lag! I am using a iPhone 14 PRO Max! No way it is lagging. Everything was playing out fine until recently after the pink Rathian event. Really wt* is going on with the game? Is it Niantic’s way or making money through potions sales? This is downright underhand method.

  • Update: The lag has been so bad today that I'm failing 2* hunts.

  • Update: lag also has the game convinced that I'm pressing and holding if I try to use Great Sword. I'm not. I just want to swing the weapon.

  • Update: tried restarting my phone entirely. Just made the lag spread to the rest of the game, and the in-hunt lag even worse than before.

  • Update: upon further testing, both turning off or restarting the phone at any point makes the lag worse.

  • Update: the lag seems related to Adventure Sync. It accidentally got turned off after a reset, and I didn't have any lag until I noticed and turned it back on. I've had it off ever since.

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  • Update: a recent automatic download made everything worse again. And yes, I did check Download All Assests and the app in the Play Store just in case more updates were needed.

  • Update: game was running fine, then when I had to reload the Light Bowgun, everything but the timer slowed to a crawl and the monster lost track of me, running off and attacking a random spot. I had to waste time chasing it and failed the hunt. Please fix this before Legiana weekend; it's a 5* minimum hunt, and I can't possibly win with this lag in the way.

  • Update: While the lag goes away entirely if I split screen the app, the heating of the phone means this is unsustainable as a proper solution.

  • NianticModTP
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    Hello, @SCCSakura!

    Apologies for the inconvenience. If you are in an area with poor signal strength, try moving to a location with a better signal. A stable connection to Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G should reduce lag. If you experience any issues with the game graphics, you can lower them in the app settings.

    Our latest update, version 64.1, includes fixes to improve game performance. Don't forget to update your app to ensure you have the latest version. I understand the game relies on an internet connection to be playable, your feedback is appreciated in this regard.

    Good luck!

  • @NianticModTP Settings are as low as possible, new update has been downloaded, all additional assets have been downloaded, and the app is still only functional if I open it in split screen, even if I'm at home with a perfectly stable connection.

  • Facelesskitsune
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    I'm having the same lag issue except it's only while fighting large 5 star monsters. the animations lag for the player and monster.

    It's becoming unplayable. the timer for these hunts continues normally Causing me to lose every fight due to time running out.

    My device is a moto g stylus (XT2115DL).  I'm on the latest version of the game. Iv uninstalled and reinstalled, download all assets, I run regular maintenance on my device using the paid version of CCleaner. Regularly clearing the cache, shutting down background apps and resetting the device before playing. Also I only play games on the lowest settings to save on resources

    My device being a moto g stylus (XT2115DL). Has over 100gb of storage and 4gb of ram and swap dragon processor.

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    Since the update Radobaan, Banbaro and zinogre are unfightable with lag that affects the fight but not the timer that progresses at the normal speed. Doesn't matter which star difficulty no chance of a win. Settings all on lowest update is current even reinstalled but nothing works, guess I have to wait for the "pay to continue the fight" update as nothing else is being fixed

  • Karma5126
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    Niantic takes forever to solve this performance problem; even my friend's iPhone 14 Pro experiences game lag after the update. My Android flagship with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 struggles to maintain a steady frame rate of 50fps~55fps or less. (only hit 60fps on kula jagras but still not stable 60)

    At this point, I just want Capcom to take some action against Niantic right now.