Monster become unmarked when game crashes

Game crashes frequently mid hunts, and marked monsters become unmarked when reloading the game. Very frustrating when I'm almost done with the hunt and the game crashes, especially since I can start the hunt again for monsters on the map again, but not marked monsters.

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  • Hello, @Icarussun76. Because you cannot hunt a Paintball Marked Monster once again after you lose it, please try your best to hunt Marked Monsters around a stable internet connection and minimize the usage of background applications while playing to see if it helps.

    Also, make sure that you're using the latest app version installed from the official Store and that your device is updated to the latest OS version.

  • fhatboii
    fhatboii Posts: 1

    doesnt make a difference if your doing it with your partner in the same house on the same wifi on the same phone model with updates checked daily for it to crash on the paintball users side but not the others