RESOLVED: Group Hunts - Unable to Confirm “Ready” status

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Issue Title: Group Hunts - Unable to Confirm “Ready” status

Issue Description: When tapping "Ready" in the Lobby for Group hunts, the readiness status may not be reflected in other hunters’ Lobbies.

Status: RESOLVED Investigating. If you encounter this issue, please try transitioning from the Lobby to the Equipment Screen and then returning to the Lobby. Tapping “Ready” at least 5 seconds after this process may help ensure that the readiness status reflects correctly in other hunters’ Lobbies. 

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    Leaving to equipment screen means that the hunt starts for the rest of the hunters and the hunter who left would be unable to join. Alternative is to wait till time expiry and the hunt starts. But sometimes the hunt will result in an error where everyone is kicked out.

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    The temp solution of going to the equipment screen no longer works, doing that will still have the go hunting button stuck at "waiting for other players", leaving you stuck and the only way is to leave the hunt or wait for the timer to expire.

    This issue occurs when you switch equipment after joining the lobby

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    I've been able to reproduce this reliably by going to group hunt and opening the equipment screen and then readying up. The other party member wont see you as ready if you do this and the group must be disbanded and restart the group hunt. My work around is to simply readying your equipment before going into group hunts