Menu lag

Would be great if you could look into menu lag. There is no reason why scrolling through weapon/armor menu should be jittery on my Pixel 8 Pro.

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  • gamma2tech
    gamma2tech Posts: 2

    Just having performance issues all around on my Pixel 8 Pro. Hoping they start to work with Tensor optimization a bit more since it's more than capable enough for the game.

    Had a co-worker with his S20 FE show me his performance and it was just as good as an iPhone 14 Pro on high settings, and I'm struggling with a GPU that has a +30% minimum improvement over his device lol.

    I did check all settings, my resolution on the phone settings is down, and game is set to low. It's just really rough, even after a factory reinstall of the OS.

    Looking forward to better improvement though. Just hope the Pixel devices start to shine a bit more for even slightly better support- given these devices are way more than capable.