10/17 update:オトモペイントボールのマーキング仕様変更と調査/Palico paintball specifications and investigation notice

10/17 update: English Follows After Japanese


Thank you for your feedback and we have the latest update about Palico Paintball.

Please see the details at the post below.






・アプリを起動していない (10/13変更) 









Thank you for playing Monster Hunter Now.

We have received a number of inquiries about the change of Palico Marking specifications as mentioned in the release notes, so we would like to inform you again about the current conditions.

To address the Palico Marking issue, which tended to mark the monster that you were planning to hunt while playing the app, since the October 13 update, Palico will no longer mark monsters while the app is running.

The current conditions under which Palico will mark monsters are as follows.

  • No more automatic marking while you're actively using the app. (changed 10/13)
  • "Adventure Sync" is enabled. 
  • Walk a certain distance.

Please also refer to the following troubleshooting details.


Even if the above conditions are met, if your device or communication line is restricting GPS usage, for example, power-saving mode (specially if you are using another device’s hotspot), or if your communication speed is limited, your Palico cannot mark monsters even if "Adventure Sync" is on.

Please check your device settings to see if there are any restrictions on the device in the background.

We appreciate your diligence in addressing this issue. It's reassuring to know that some players have found a resolution by adjusting their settings but we have also received reports from hunters that the game still does not work, so the dev team is now investigating from their side, too. We will report back to you if we find a problem on our side.

Thank you for your continued support of Monster Hunter Now.

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