Diablos tail/Tobi tail

When cutting off a diablos tail, when it does the side to side tail attack, i get hit by the part that was cut off when i know i shouldn’t get.

with Tobi, his tail creates this weird barrier that pushes you around and keeps you from getting in the right position.

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  • Hello, @JoveLove!

    We understand that you are frustrated about being hit by the cut-off tail of Diablos. Each Monster in Monster Hunter Now has a unique attack style, and Diablos is no exception. However, it is essential to note that once a monster part is broken, it can no longer be used by the Monster. So, even if Diablos is still attacking with its cut-off tail, it might not be able to damage you with it.

    It is also possible that you are experiencing a graphical glitch. If the problem persists, get back to us with a screen recording so we can investigate it.

    We appreciate your feedback and we will continue to monitor these issues.