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10/25 JST update: 追加アップデート予定のご連絡/Pre-release announcement about additional update

10/25 update

ver 63.1のアップデートが完了しました。詳細はこちらのポストをご確認ください。Ver63.1 is released. Please see the post below for the detail.


English follows after Japanese



モンスターハンターNowは狩猟中の同期性を実現するため、ゲームサーバーとの通信のやりとりが頻繁に発生します。Pokémon GOや他のNianticアプリ以上に、データ転送の遅延状況(レイテンシー)が大きく狩猟中の安定性に影響します。



We have an upcoming additional update that aims to enhance the way the game handles poor network conditions. We appreciate the numerous reports and feedback you’ve provided through the Community Forum.

Monster Hunter Now relies on frequent communication with the game server to achieve synchronization during hunts. The delay or lag in the transmission of data (latency) significantly impacts the stability of your hunts, more so than other Niantic apps like Pokémon GO.

To ensure synchronization even in the less stable nature of mobile connections compared to fixed lines, we’re continuously experimenting and refining the experience. Your reports are a valuable reference as we strive to fine-tune the game balance for more hunters to enjoy.We kindly ask for your continued support of Monster Hunter Now.

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  • fatalis1201
    fatalis1201 Posts: 33

    This is what we want to see....

  • JBrew3340
    JBrew3340 Posts: 75

    Thank you for the update, I hope in the future you will communicate about these issues quickly.

    But also, why did the network suddenly become much less stable? Is there a drastically increasing player count?

  • Hunter1397
    Hunter1397 Posts: 22

    Thanks for this very much!

    If you want feedback of what should be good improvements it would be:

    • Being able to play while riding a train or the backseat of a car
    • Improved experience for people living on the countryside without a chance to meet other people and without access to gathering points.
  • Raven9579
    Raven9579 Posts: 18

    Thank you the connection issues are really bad so I look forward to it getting fixed ❤️

  • kuma1745
    kuma1745 Posts: 29
  • Ashiyan
    Ashiyan Posts: 1
    edited October 2023

    Please fix the connection issue.It becoming more and more annoying than before.This problem make my hunts always fail.FYI,my connection works fine.To poof it, I tried other online games and play high resolution video,both of them works fine.I hope the solution will delivers in ASAP.Sorry for low quality screenshoot (my original screenshoot file is missing,maybe I accidentally delete it and this is is my uploaded version in the past).Maybe the team also can feel my frustation about the problem.Thank you for your support and attention.

    Thanks for your attention

  • Ultraman5457
    Ultraman5457 Posts: 2

    Hi, it has come to my attention whereby the hunting timer still continue to countdown even if it's having connection issues which occured many times and the timeout usually occurs when the monster left with 1hp. It would be great if this issue can be looked in. I would suggest if the app senses the connection is poor, do freeze the timer and allow the connection to stabilize for max 5sec. It is very unfair whereby the monster is in the brink of death and due to the connection is poor hence the mission fail. I would appreciate if this can be addressed.

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