Resolved/解決済:Login Issues for Turkish setting/トルコ語設定の際のログインの問題

10/27 JST 16:50 update: 英語のあとに日本語の案内がございます。

Hunters, the login issues for the Turkish language setting have been fixed. Please restart the app. Thank you for your patience. 

ハンターの皆さん、言語設定がトルコ語になっていた場合のログインの問題は解決しました。アプリを再起動してお試しください。お待ちいただきありがとうございました。 #モンハンNow


Hunters, we are investigating issues affecting login if the language setting on your device is set to Turkish.If you change the language setting to English, the problem will be avoided.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



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    hello. how about you make events that give something useful besides filling inventory? craft half of a piece pink rathian, what to do with this *? and pumpkin hat isn't even noticeable during event, nobody will wear it ever after... won't look into future events anymore

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