The hunt time registered in the Hunt Report sometimes does not match the actual time spent hunting


  1. Prepare a stopwatch of any kind.
  2. Start a hunt against any large monster and start the stop watch the moment you gain control of your character.
  3. Proceed to hunt the monster.
  4. At the point of delivering the final blow, mark a lap on the stop watch if it has that feature, or simply stop the stopwatch but don't reset it. Note the time on the stopwatch.
  5. Do not tap the screen. Let the end-of-hunt "Completed" sequence play out on its own until it brings you to the Hunt Report screen automatically.
  6. Observe that the time registered on the Hunt Report is longer than the time recorded at the final blow using the stopwatch.


  • The timer registered on the hunt report should match the actual time spent hunting, excluding loading squences or non-hunt-related animations.
  • This has a material impact on the hunt grade, which can impact the rate of accumulating the points for acquiring the Time Score Medal, especially in circumstances where you barely met the time requirement for Grade A but the time was calculated incorrectly, resulting in a lower Grade than expected.


  • This issue was first observed when using a grade 7.5 Great Girros hammer to kill a 1-star Pukei-Pukei with 1 hit using the Charge 2 attack. The hunt took only 3 seconds, but it showed as 25 seconds on the hunt report. However, I can't seem to reproduce this issue on higher-star monsters where you cannot one-hit kill the monster in a very short time. You may want to consider using this configuration when reproducing this issue. Meanwhile, I will try to reproduce this issue again and record it on video.
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