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11/1 Release Information リリース情報(V64)

English Follows after Japanese





  • パーティーの機能を改修しました。



  • お気に入り機能を改修しました。



  • アイコンの見やすさを改善しました。



  • ペイントボールリストに狩猟に挑戦できる回数を表示するように改修しました。
  • モンスターが出現する条件を追加しました。マップ上の道から離れた場所では、アクセスサークルにモンスターが出現することがあります。


  • ペイントボールリストから狩猟を行おうとした際にネットワークエラー 6-4が出る-ペイントボールリストからの狩猟におけるプレイ制限の一部を緩和しました。
  • グループハントのロビーで準備完了をタップしても他のハンターのロビーでチェックマークがつかない
  • 弓使用時に特定タイミングでジャスト回避をすると、回避直後の射撃のダメージが小さくなる
  • ハンマー使用時、ロックオンしている方向に向かない
  • 狩猟中、リオレイアが地中に埋まってしまうことがある

Thank you for playing Monster Hunter Now!

This article contains the main release information for v64 released on 2023/11/1 JST. Please note that not all updates are covered.

Last Update: 2023/11/1

<Main features adjusted or changed>

  • Party feature update:

You can now send Friend requests to party members from the party menu.

For Party members who are already Friends, you can now see their Friend details within the Party Menu.

  • Favorite feature update:

You can now see your Favorite Equipment on the weapon and armor lists.

By tapping on required materials, you can now see which of your Favorite Equipment requires them and the quantity needed.

  • Improved icon visibility:

You can now differentiate subspecies more easily with the new distinct markers on the monster icons.

Design of ★ in the field is refined.

  • Paintball List: You can now see the number of attempts available for hunting.
  • More relaxed monster spawn conditions: In areas away from the main paths on the map, monsters may now appear within your Access range.

<Fixed Issues>

  • Network Error 6-4 occurs when attempting to initiate a hunt from the Paintball List.

Some of the play restrictions have been eased for hunts initiated from the Paintball list.

  • Group Hunts - Unable to Confirm “Ready” status
  • Bow: Reduced damage for shots immediately following the perfect evasion.
  • Hammer: it doesn't necessarily align with the direction you have locked onto.
  • Rathian may burrow into the ground during a hunt

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    ehmm, afaik, you cant use emulator like pogo before update

    and, if you play using fake gps like, really really intense changing area map each fighting, yes you get banned

    small thief only get caught when they touch big stuff, and this is not pvp theme game like pogo, so to get reported is really really small chance unless the system knew you blatantly cheating

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    what if there really bad weather? diablos and pink weekends was raining pretty bad in my area.

    since theres no pvp it doesnt give much of an advantage, there no point in banning it

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    I think that sending a friend request refers specifically to when you hunt with nearby hunters, not necessarily those who are in your created hunting group, which would be wonderful, but I'm just speculating, I don't know if I can actually invite hunters I hunt with in my area to be friends, I hope so.

    Regarding using GPS applications, I think I have read that this has already been restricted and cannot be used, although there will always be cheaters in all games, in MHN I don't care since there is no pvp feature, I have read and seen many videos of people in LATAM who play or played that way, since going out on the street with your phone in hand is a guaranteed sentence of robbery, or even death (thieves are capable of anything for a simple dollar, even more so a phone), but hey, whatever, there is no pvp I'm not interested, as long as you play and pay I guess the game will continue to receive updates, as long as you don't use damage hack or infinite life hack everything is fine for me...

  • Your Character Can NEVER Not Be In The Circle, Whatever you meant there did not compute either, I don’t have the answer to what they meant, or what will be implemented but I’m just even more lost after reading what you asked

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    In this update me and my friend share the world (the same monsters in the same locations) and we have less chance to hunt more monster, that's bad...too bad, please change it back

  • from having 3-5 monsters at my home to 0. great relax. and they didn't mention thr speed brhaviour change.,. why?

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