Rare2 Material Drop Rate Error

Everybody is complaining the Rare2 materials have such a low drop rate. I believe it is a bug - something like wrong number of zeros in the drop rate

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  • truecloud6
    truecloud6 Posts: 6

    There's definitely something wrong with rare 2 materials. There are times where I can't get a single medium monster bone for several days but for some reason small and large monster bones and even monster bone+ are easy to obtain in gathering points. It gets very annoying.

  • Hello, @sleepywest and @truecloud6!

    Apologies for the inconvenience. We will share this with our development team and investigate. If the low drop rate of Rarity 2 materials isn't intended in the game, we will update our Known Issues and FAQs page on the Community Forums platform. Please check our Known Issues and FAQs page regularly for updates: https://monsterhunternow.vanillacommunities.com/categories/known-issues

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • MMFWCL13
    MMFWCL13 Posts: 9

    I just reported a bug about 30 mins ago specifically referring to the zinogre shockfur. rarity 2 item that appears last on the list and when tapped shows Zinogre plate rarity 7 instead of shockfur rarity 2. under 8 star monster rewards it shows as shockfur rarity 2 but, it appears after the plate in the list of rewards almost as if it’s more rare than the plate. thinkin the coding for the shockfur might have something to do with this issue. prly why i didn’t get any as a reward from the story quest too sadly.