Extreme FPS and performance drop on 6* Tobi Kadachi

The game's fps and performance varies across the different monsters when hunting and it is somewhat understandable, but when I try to complete the Urgent Quest to hunt 6* Tobi Kadachi, it just gets even more impossible. First the fps is probably about half of the usual (which is already bad), since my phone (OPPO A94) probably isn't the best, it is damn near unplayable. 1 Hammer swing takes 3-6s on the timer, forget about charging. Even worse is that I can't even activate my special skill. The monster also somehow 'runs away' from me by attacking some invisible enemy in the opposite direction of my hunter. All of these combines into a very unpleasant game experience in which I have been stuck for weeks. My settings are already at 'Low' in case you were wondering.

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