Samsung S23 Ultra: No game audio when recording screen as video

Hi, last night, my phone Samsung S23 Ultra received the system update from One UI 5.0 to One UI 6.0, and after that, when I used the built-in screen recorder to record my gameplay, I found that the game audio doesn't get recorded. All other apps' sounds would still get recorded, such as as when I play Spotify in the background while MHNow is running in the foreground, but there's no sound recorded from MHNow.

I tried recording Ingress Prime, and there's no issue recording the game audio there. Other games such as Super Hexagon worked fine too.

I tried to reinstall the game and reset my Game Booster settings, but to no avail.

One thing worked temporarily, was that after I started screen recording, I can toggle on or off the Priority Mode, and that would somehow reset the screen recorder audio channel and allow it to pick up the game media audio (there's an audible difference when the screen recorder is picking up the game audio as the audio gets slightly louder than usual). But if after I switch to another app and then back to MHNow (or close the app and restart the app), I'll have to repeat the workaround if I wanted to screen-record the game again.

I have submitted an error report to Samsung, but I'm not sure if they will do anything. Hence, I'm reporting this to your team too, in case this is something that can be fixed on your end.

Phone: Samsung S23 Ultra

System: Android 14, One UI 6.0

Game version: v65.0-231110-1932

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