Hunt freeze

I had delivered the knockout blow in a Black Diablos hunt, at which time the clock stayed at 6s, the monsters HP at 0, but I stayed in the hunt continuing to attack endlessly. I eventually exited the hunt after over 2 minutes of this, only to not be awarded the completion or any rewards and lost my attempt at the paintballed monster.

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  • NianticModTP
    NianticModTP Posts: 135 admin

    Hi there, @MitchPlease! It's possible that a network delay caused the hunt animation to not progress as expected. However, the rewards would still be added to your inventory. If you think that you didn't receive the rewards or you were not able to complete the hunt successfully, you can contact the in-app support to get it clarified.

    I understand Black Diablos are appearing in low numbers right now before the event weekend, I suggest playing in areas with stable and fast network/wifi.